Shower Gel - Olive

Shower Gel - Olive

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Foam bubbles that are like cream are formed to clean out the waste products making the skin clean and fresh. After showering, skin will become moisturized.

How to Use:
Apply it to a wet sponge or a shower towel, make foam, and then massage your whole body with it slowly and gently. After the massage finishes, rinse the foam completely out of your body.

Sodium lauryl sulfate, cocamide di-aie, glycerin, sodium chloride, sodium citrate, phenoxyethane, methylparaben, citric acid, hyaruronic acid, disodium edetate. (0.5%), Lily Extract (0.3%), Bamboo Extract (0.3%), Curie Kernel Extract (0.3%), Peppermint Extract (0.3%) and Combination Flavor.

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