Hand Cream - Cherry Blossom

Hand Cream - Cherry Blossom

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With Shea Butter richly abundant in Dearderm's hand cream. Plant extracts, and effects of synergy, heal dry/rough hands. The mild fragrance of Olive combined with Shea butter and Vitamin E helps keep your skin protected. Also supplies moisture for your hands and nails to keep them beautifully moist. Very mobile, and can enjoy both a pleasant texture and soft fragrance wherever you go.

How To Use:
After washing hands or when feeling dry, apply ample amount and softly let it absorb.

Water, Shea butter Extract(30%), Butylene Glycol, Cetyaryl Alcohol, Glycerin, Lsopropyl myristate, Cetyl Alcohol, glycerin, isopropyl myristate, cetyl alcohol, sterile alcohol, glycerol tristearate, phenoxyethanol, caprylic, caprylic glyceride, olive extract(0.3%) pepppermint extract, bamboo extract, adenosine(0.04%), disodium EDTA, tokoferol acetate.

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